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Are you a freelancer or agency helping small businesses succeed? Join Mailchimp & Co to learn new skills, build your reputation, and get tools to help you manage your clients. It’s free and easy to get started.

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Membership has its benefits

You help your clients build their business with Mailchimp. So we designed a community to help you grow yours, in your own unique way.

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Grow your business

Find more clients and earn rewards.

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Expand your expertise

With Mailchimp & Co, you get access to exclusive tips and training.

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Simplify client work

Get Mailchimp tools designed just for freelancers and agencies like you.

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Get insider perks

From inspiring events to first looks at new features, we’ve got you covered.

12m customers use Mailchimp for their marketing.

12mcustomers use Mailchimp for their marketing.

Mailchimp & Co helps connect those customers with freelancers and agencies like you.

Your guided path to partnership

Once you’re in, you’re part of a collective of Mailchimp insiders—from budding freelancers to seasoned agencies. You’ll get tools to help you do your thing, earn more for your work, and unlock more benefits along the way.

  1. Your journey starts hereAs a member, you’ll get all that comes with a free Mailchimp account plus great perks for doing what you do best.
    • Access to exclusive training
    • Tools for managing multiple clients
    • Rewards for helping people with Mailchimp
    See more benefits
  2. used in Step Flow moduleMake your way to partnerOnce you’ve become a partner, you’re officially recognized as a Mailchimp professional, which comes with added features and benefits.
    • Get more leads with a listing in our partner directory
    • 24/7 priority support so you can help clients faster
    • Official partner page and co-marketing materials
    See more benefits
  3. Mailchimp Pro PartnerGo pro, get pro benefitsWhen you become a Mailchimp pro partner, you join the ranks of our most trusted and valued experts.
    • More exposure in our partner directory
    • Even more rewards for helping your clients
    • Access to our partner managers
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See what our partners are saying

Mailchimp’s robust support and documentation has allowed us to explore unique solutions and evolve with our brand’s needs in ways other ‘enterprise’ marketing platforms should take notice of.

Danny Phillips, Director of Arkade

Heral Patel

We work closely with the Mailchimp team and even other partners. We send leads back and forth. It’s a cool, tight community.

Heral Patel, Founder of AnnexCore

As a Mailchimp partner, I have access to a lot of useful resources: documentation, priority assistance for me and my clients, previews of what’s going on in Mailchimp.

Alessandra Farabegoli, Co-Founder of Digital Update

Being a Mailchimp partner means that you can stay in touch with loads of professionals from all over the world, sharing your questions, your troubles, your skills, and getting help from the Mailchimp team directly.

Javier Moral, CEO of Disruptivos

Having a responsive team like Mailchimp support us partners allows us to show up bigger and better for our clients with integrity and confidence.

Sequoia Mulgrave, Founder of DailyMode Studio

Already have a Mailchimp account?

Good news! If you’re a freelancer or agency, you can enjoy these benefits for no additional cost as soon as you join Mailchimp & Co. You won’t lose any existing data and you can revert back at any time.Join Mailchimp & Co

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